Main services

  • Consultancy services,
  • Global business services,
  • Transport services


  Consultancy service

BIZICOM LTD provides services that are suitable for public and private organizations through planning and financial management, individual entrepreneurs through coaching and training, commercial/industrial sectors throughout business development. Our wide range of services includes: Provide trainings, Supplying goods and several services, Business advisory services and Training modules and Business documents development. BIZICOM LTD is a specialized firm in advice and accompaniment /consulting /support in business development and management.


BIZICOM LTD expertise is strengthened by different consultancy services and environment management works that the company has delivered to different clients including ministries, government agencies, private sector, government projects international organizations, local organizations, and UN agencies.


  Global business services


BIZICOM Company provides the general merchandise services which include: The supply of:

  • Office supplies,
  • Office equipment and materials,
  • Electronic materials,
  • Computer accessories and IT-equipment,
  • Construction material,
  • Agriculture equipment.


   Transport services


BIZICOM Company provides vehicles of different shapes to organizations or individuals who need to travel or transport their teams to the field in cities or in rural areas. We also help business people or business companies to carry their goods or commodities from one place to another. For any service in this range, please contact us, we are very delighted to serve and help you to develop your business.


BIZICOM Company maintains strong relationship with other transport companies and contains good drivers who will help you to move your people and yours goods safely.


BIZICOM Company offers you a good range of vehicles among which you can select according to your preferences and the best transportation service is waiting you. Don’t worry about the price, it is completely negotiable. Our long-term vision is not gaining too much money, but rather delivering the best services and build trust with our most valuable clients that you are.






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