Overview Company

The BIZICOM LTD is a business and consulting firm. Its mission is to facilitate public and private sector development in a socially responsible and commercially sustainable system.

BIZICOM LTD is a trusted firm providing good and satisfactory services to its clients always. Its experience is an asset and not by number of years but the actual projects that BIZICOM has undertaken and completed with satisfaction and impact achieved.


Our office exhibits its outstanding capacity to execute activities requiring a joint intervention of several partners at the national, regional or international levels.  In fact, the organization and the very unique functioning in networks enables BIZICOM LTD to insure the implementation of even several mandates brought to its care. This is possible due mostly to its professional member consultants or associated partners who have a deeply rich experience in a variety of domains.


BIZICOM LTD is specialized in projects and programs design, value chain development, market research, organizational development, Business plan and strategic plan development, in project monitoring and evaluation, in rural programming, in analysis of poverty profile, in design of model of investment required at local level, in leading the development needs assessment and in analysis of potentials and opportunities that can inspire social and economic transformation of the community at local level.


One of the major advantages of the firm is its capacity of adaptation in a multidisciplinary and multicultural setting work including the linguistic commend of its members in regard to national, regional and international languages : Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Swahili, English and French. The office is always capable to quickly mobilize such multidisciplinary teams in order to respond and meet the need of the clients.



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